What to Expect

The focus of my sessions is on connecting and having fun. Our time is relaxed and informal. I am always aware of when my clients need me to step in and engage, and when to step back and simply observe. This balance offers my clients a unique blend of both lifestyle documentation and more traditional portraits.

You are welcome to choose your home, somewhere that is close to your heart, or ask me to decide on a location for you. I prefer to shoot at a time that the light is dynamic, but I can make anything work, and understand that we are often working within the time constraints of work schedules and nap times. My weekends book up very quickly, so I do suggest reserving your space early - especially during the fall and winter. The long spring and summer days offer a few more opportunities.

Newborns are tricky little creatures that require some extra care, time and patience at a session. I expect there to be a lot of stops and starts, with some interludes of fussing and crying.  I encourage my clients to try to finish a feed before we start the session, if possible. If things do go a bit sideways, I am always open to taking a break. I stay until I know I've gotten what I need from the session. 

Oh, there is nothing more unpredictable than being on-call for a birth! I am truly passionate about this particular genre of photography (and my doula work, of course!), and have attended more than eighty births over the past five years. This work is mostly documentary-style photography, though I bring a lot of portrait elements in, especially once baby has arrived. I practice in a non-invasive way and observe more than I interact. It's your special time and my job is to witness and record.

There are a million things to plan and consider when it comes to wedding photography. I encourage you to book a consult with me to get a better feel for how I work and what I offer. Also, as it is with birth photography, a good personality fit for both of us is really important to me.  My set packages range dramatically and I am always open to tailoring something to your specific needs - don't hesitate to ask. 

Every session is unique and carries its own dynamic. Newborns and children tend to add a little unpredictability, while birth and wedding photography have their own brand of chaos. I have learned over the years that there are a few things that can make or break a shoot, and I believe that good preparation goes a long way!

1.)  Remember – I see what you feel. I encourage my clients to spend very little time staring straight into the lens of my camera, and much more time interacting and enjoying your time together. Sure, I think getting a few traditional portraits is important, but I also know that the really interesting stuff happens in the moments between. I want you to BE with your family at our session – forget about me! I will work while you play.

2.)  Happy and relaxed people make me happy and relaxed! Photography can be stressful for some and I totally get it. Children often show up with a long list of “do’s” and “don’ts” echoing in their heads. I suggest trying to create some excitement by promoting the experience as fun! It makes a world of difference in what I am able to capture. 

3.)  For the same reason, please try not to argue on the way to our session. I promise that whatever wardrobe or hair malfunction that you are stressing about, or the fact that you are running a couple minutes late, isn’t worth the tension that those moments will bring into your photos. Peaceful, happy, loving vibes!

4.)  For a whole 90 minutes I release you from the obligation of managing your children’s behaviour. I can’t tell you how many amazing photos of children that are ruined by the parent pointing a finger with an angry face telling them to “look at the camera”. They are perfectly imperfect and I will make my magic within the chaos, I promise!

5.)  What should we wear? I have a feeling that a few of you can’t bear the thought of having to do family photos because you don’t have a clue how to coordinate interesting and flattering outfits. I know that is part of what holds me back from my own. If this sounds like you – don’t fear! Just let me know that you would like a little extra guidance and I can help you put something together.