About Jozi

I feel as though I have had a camera in my hands my whole life. My father encouraged me to explore my creativity and instilled in me a deep respect for the arts as a profession. I received my first camera at the tender age of seven, and haven’t looked back since. My love for photography developed steadily over the years, and eventually, I took the plunge and left the corporate world to pursue my passion.

My love for people, combined with my love for photography is what drives me. This work offers me a wonderful balance between my technical mind and soft heart. It also allows me the freedom to indulge in my many other interests.

When I am not documenting love, I am living it. I am madly in love with my sweet husband and I’m the proud mother of three beautiful, rambunctious children. They bring me much chaos, insanity and joy! They are my inspiration and motivation.

In my free time, I play Scrabble, play my ukulele and tinker with essential oils. I volunteer at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, travel to far off lands and try to think up creative new ways to sneak vegetables into my kid’s food. I have an unnatural and undying love for avocados, cheese, graffiti and parrots. My life is busy and full, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I feel lucky to live and work in Vancouver (though some days it feels like a love-hate relationship). The range of scenery and locations that it has to offer is second to none. A quiet beach session on one day, and urban Gastown on the next. I have a weakness for our cherry blossom season and the vibrant colours of fall. I can even get excited about the lovely diffused light that our grey days bring.