I’ve had a camera in my hands for most of my life. I developed my first roll of film at the tender age of seven; my father encouraged me to explore my creativity and instilled in me a deep respect for the arts as a profession.

My passion for photography, combined with my love for people, is what drives me. It offers a balance between my technical mind and soft heart and allows me to indulge in my creativity. I am a storyteller with a never-ending fascination with everything that makes us intrinsically human.

Meaningful work is at the core of who I am. For 14 years, I have volunteered at the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, documenting end-of-life for infants and children; these sacred sessions have taught me so much about life, loss, and love. In contrast, I also spent a decade of my career attending births as a doula and documentarian, bearing witness to some of life’s sweetest moments. While I no longer attend births, this work remains an important part of who I have become as a photographer. It has taught me a great deal about how to move quickly, shoot in variable and mixed lighting, and “see” with my heart.

When I’m not documenting love, I’m living it. I’m the proud mother of three talented children, who inspire and motivate me for everything I do. My home is pure chaos, shared with two noisy parrots and a 3.5 lb wisp of a dog named ‘Fable’. In my free time, I plunk away at my beloved ukulele and sing, play Scrabble, paint, hike the North Shore mountains, and travel to far-off lands when given the opportunity. I have an unnatural and undying love for avocados, cheese, graffiti, and poetry. My life is busy and full, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What my clients have to say...
Jozi is nothing but compassionate, knowledgeable, kind, and professional. She has an amazing way of making you feel empowered.
Jozi is a photography ninja. I can't believe the photos she got of my children. All I saw was their misbehaving and she saw their souls.